I love this one, the classic 1am job that proves to be outstanding. I don’t know what I will do when I can’t stay up this late anymore, I’m only 22 and its getting harder, but my best work comes from these wee hours.

I am a terrible blogger, but I am in the process of trying to turn this art thing into something beneficial, so I am going to come back! yay!

I have been making so much art, so get your eyes prepared to view some! 

Raw was very successful, sold lots, and got a work stolen. Disappointing but nice knowing my stuff is worth the risk of being caught (gotta think positive)

Hope all has been well dear bloggers.

I am going to be in a RAW showcase, yay! if you are in the Wollongong area, or just wish to support me, buy a ticket at http://www.rawartsts.org/georgina

the show again

this image shows some of my work and Matildas in the background.

The show

The show was held at Studio 19 Wollongong, great experience. These guys were made by Matilda Bree, previous work was by Michael Lloyd

the show

I went into hiding for a bit, I have been so busy! aaaand will continue to be for a long while.


My first ever attempt at curating (also my pitiful excuse for abandoning this blog for so long). I am so excited, I am curating and exhibiting in this show as well as two other beautiful and talented artists, it is in Wollongong, at Studio 19 in three weeks time, if you are in the area drop on by! Email me for details 🙂

Welp, I am back at university, and I have been given the assignment to do a series of reports on Contemporary art. So I wanted to pose the question to other art minded people for curiosity sakes, what are things you should be aware of to be a contemporary artist? I am arguing that reading art related text is important as it makes you question, and opens you to more points of view (to then question).

What do you think?


lion of cog

hello! long time no updates, I have been flat out, I just ‘finished’ this, well, I don’t feel like it is done but I am scared of over working it. Uni starts back tomorrow so be prepared for the bombardment of workshop photos 🙂

new show soon

I am having a show called ‘beauty in the obscure’ in April, starting to work on a few works that are pretty and creepy. Super excited.